toilet training

Potty Training- Enough Said

By stephaniecrespin

I have hit that point in a parent's life where I am ready to get diapers out of the house.  It's not just me.  My 2 year old is ready too, or so I thought.  For the past 6 months he has wanted to use the potty.  We had one of those musical training potties that he played with a few times, but ... Read More

Potty Training in Less than One Day . . . or Maybe a Week

By rcooksey

Potty training is a necessary evil in parenthood. The upsides are many; with the cost of diapers alone, the savings are enough to make any parent potty train as quickly as possible!  But, leaving the house becomes much more of an adventure, time at home is much more stressful, and it generally take... Read More