Airbrushing Scandals – How Media Skews Our Image of Beauty

By rcooksey

I have a very strict rule that I follow to increase my own self-esteem:Do NOT read beauty magazines.It's amazing how much better I feel about my own appearance when I block out the perfect images plastered on magazines at the check out aisle.  (Avoiding mirrors in general, while running after 3... Read More

TAKS Test to be Replaced by STAAR in the Texas Education System

By rcooksey

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced on Tuesday that the TAKS test will be replaced by a new generation of test called the STARR.  Here is what the agency released to the press:AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Robert Scott announced today that the next generation of student tests ... Read More

The Great Flu Vaccine Shortage of 2009 – Why Flu Shots are in Short Supply

By rcooksey

At this time of year in my not-too-distant memory, it seems I was tripping over flu vaccines.  At work, at my doctor, at our pediatrician, at the drugstore.  Flu shots were everywhere.  But in 2009, the story is much different.  The doctor has them - and then they don't.  Th... Read More

Resources and Information to Help You Through This Flu Season

By rcooksey

Regular flu vaccines are available now (Sept '09), but you've probably heard that the swine flu vaccine has not yet been released.  Here's what to do now:1) Vaccinate yourself and your kids.  This will mean probably 3 (or 4, if your child is under 9 yrs old) shots for each of you?  Wh... Read More

Back to School Activities Guide

By rcooksey

Use this guide to find fun, engaging options for pre-schools, classes, lessons, and extracurricular options for your kids!  They're so fun, you may even want to join in!Organized into the following sections:Arts & CraftsDance & Musical TheaterDramaIce SkatingMartial ArtsMusicPlaycare (D... Read More

Crocs vs. Escalators – Dangerous Combination

By rcooksey

A friend of mine recently sent me an email with the following note from a friend of hers: "Today we were leaving Northpark in Dallas and had to ride the escalator down to get to the right level. As we approached the bottom of the escalator the escalator quickly grabbed my son's shoe. I yanked... Read More